Home is where your pod is


o7 all!

With a setting so rich as the one from Eve Online, these stories almost wrote themselves.  I’ve always had the word bug but would like to thank my ex-gang of capsuleers at Phoibe Enterprises who taught me the ropes and encouraged the trit out of me to get more out there.  I also want to thank Telegraph Sam for all the work around setting up the Pod and Planet contest.  It’s silly to wait for an event to write but there is something fundamental about having to meet a deadline.

You will find the short stories in the menu.  Some were contest entries, others, not.  Hope you enjoy them.  If you like the genre, or if you are a fellow capsuleer, have a gander at the Eve Fiction Portal as well.

Oh, also, the images you will find in these pages are all screen grabs from the game I took myself (I know right!).  So if you’ve never played, go out and try it, CCP Games has added a slew of New Player Experience features the best of which is a free trial (“Alpha State”) that is not time based!  I believe in more is always better when it comes to space friends!

Callista Dalmore, YC120.

CEO, Roaming Bolts and Screws Inc.